Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition


The concept of the new Guggenheim concentrates the museum functions and the service activities in the lower levels, which are compact, regular, with indirect natural lighting system (Solar tube/ Lightway).


Differently, the upper part is an enormous winter garden / artistic laboratory for setting performances, which is characterized by a microclimate which enable the plantation of trees with tall trunks

and bushes. This part gives recognisability to the building from far away, also for those who arrive using the sea.


A CRYSTAL AND FULL OF LIGHT CUBE=WINTER GARDEN-ARTISTIC LABORATORY AND CONSTRUCTION SITE where every possibility of setting performances are guaranteed because those are the events that are going to attract always more and more the interest of the museums (a rotary crane, used to set, is the main representative symbol).


A PLACE OF ARTISTIC AND CIVIL EXPERIENCES LIKE THE “FIRST GARDEN” (an oasis of eternal springtime in a northern city).

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